Videojet 잉크

All Willett fluids are developed specifically for the associated Willett printers, and are fine-tuned to help ensure optimum print quality and machine performance.

Some Willett Ink Applications

This brand offers several inks that work on a wide variety of substrates, especially rigid plastics and flexible packaging films. Moreover, some of these Willett ink formulations yield good adhesion to OPP and PVC, while resisting up to 150° C dry heat. Amongst others, these ink solutions include:

  • Thermochromic black to blue
  • Water washable
  • Low migration
  • Fully approved for diaper coding
  • Autoclave resistant
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Excellent adhesion on glass
  • Invisible
  • Fluorescent under UV light
  • Developed to code onto nickel or solder plated surfaces
  • Code resists spilling and cleaning with alcohols
  • Fast dry non-MEK
  • Condensation resistant
  • Exceptional rub and scratch resistance
  • Transfer resistance


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